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Balintawak Europe - UK 2013


GMBT 2013 Balintawak Europe DAY 1

UK Tour May 2013

Written by GM Bobby Taboada

May 2013 visit to the United Kingdom was a very big success.  I am very proud from all over the states of Europe who came and participated in this Balintawak event.

Countries represented were: England, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Congratulations to the following students who tested for Completion of the Art:

  • Joe Leaper
  • Mark Tetchner
  • Daniel Prantner
  • Steve Baker


Balintawak Europe COA Joe Leaper   Balintawak Europe COA Steve Baker
Balintawak Europe COA Daniel Prantner   Balintawak Europe COA Mark Tetchner - FQI Neil Hand

Also congratulations to the new Qualified Instructor:

  • Neil Hand

My Big thank you to FQI Neil Ross, Completion of Art Steve Russell for your help and assisting with the event.  And to Russ "The House" Green

who also helps.

It was really nice to train with all the group at the event and also individually it was my pleasure to train one on one on each day of the event.

I would like to thank my friend Bill Murray (FQI) and his family for welcoming myself and Richard to their home and the dinner that you prepared for us. 

We all miss you.

 Richard Cotterill

My very biggest thanks and congratulations to you my friend Master Richard Cotterill, for your hard work and dedication in spreading our Balintawak across Europe.

Balintawak GM Taboada - Master Rich Cotterill

You make me very proud of you Richard, for over 22 years with me.  Balintawak is a big success in Europe because of your loyalty to me and to the rest of our Balintawak family and community.  I hope you, your students and Instructors will continue to spread the art and be a good example to the World.

From my heart, you are welcome and my respect

Grand Master Bobby Taboada

International Balintawak

GMBT 2013 Balintawak Europe DAY 2



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