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Tenerife Tour May 2013

Written by GM Bobby Taboada

The visit to Tenerife (Canary Islands) Spain with Master Rich Cotterill and Completion of the Art Steve Baker was also a big success.  It was memorable training and a very good vacation.  A small group was enough for me for special intensive training.  The students were very hospitable which reminds me of where I came from in the Phillipines. 
Thank you my friends, most especially our Balintawak representative Tomas Encinoso your son Eric and your wife.  I like to give thanks and regards to princess Natalia, Valentine and your family.  It was a pleasure also to finally see again Fernando (I hope you are back training soon), Alejandro and Juan after meeting you in Torreveja Spain 4 years ago.
 Tenerife Balintawak Europe Canary Islands Group
It was also nice to meet for the first time Vicente and Aritz from our group in northern Spain. I really enjoy 4 days with you guys intensive training.

Tenerife Balintawak Europe Northern Spain Group

I have to mention also the people that take us to the tourist spot on the Island namely Candelaria, "Super" Mario and Carlos.  It was a very special day in my life at the Basilica.


Juan thanks for fixing my knee and back,  you did a very good job.

Also I would like to mention Phillipe Parys from Belgium, it was nice training with you and also meeting your lovely wife.  You are both very nice persons.

To all of you please keep practicing, teach the intensive way we train. Take time my friends for one day you will be one of the Masters

Thank you all participants:

  • Tomas
  • Alejandro
  • Juan
  • Vicente
  • Aritz
  • Natalia
  • Valentine
  • Eric
  • Philippe
  • Pedro
  • Mario
  • Steve
  • Rich

I am so happy for the progress of all the students in the International Balintawak Europe Group, I can see my second generation in the future.  This whole successful meeting I owe to Master Richard Cotterill, for his hard work and loyalty to me.  As i said before please be good example

From my heart, you are welcome and my respect

Grand Master Bobby Taboada

International Balintawak


IMG-20130522-WA0000 IMG-20130523-WA0001
IMG-20130523-WA0003 IMG-20130529-WA0003
 IMG-20130529-WA0004  IMG-20130529-WA0006
Heading Back now to Charlotte USA May 28th 2013. Relax for one day and then training again for my private students and spend some quality time with my wife Luz.  (Dinner)



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