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Balintawak Europe - Tenerife 2013

Tenerife Tour May 2013

Written by GM Bobby Taboada

The visit to Tenerife (Canary Islands) Spain with Master Rich Cotterill and Completion of the Art Steve Baker was also a big success.  It was memorable training and a very good vacation.  A small group was enough for me for special intensive training.  The students were very hospitable which reminds me of where I came from in the Phillipines.

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Balintawak Europe - UK 2013

UK Tour May 2013

Written by GM Bobby Taboada

May 2013 visit to the United Kingdom was a very big success.  I am very proud from all over the states of Europe who came and participated in this Balintawak event.

Countries represented were: England, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Congratulations to the following students who tested for Completion of the Art:

  • Joe Leaper
  • Mark Tetchner
  • Daniel Prantner
  • Steve Baker

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 We are the leading provider of Balintawak FMA training throughout UK & Europe. Our aim is to elevate and propogate this fighting system on a UK, European and International basis. We have a world class coaching team with some of the most varied and experienced instructors in the martial arts today,  The group was formed by chief instructor Richard Cotterill who resides in the United Kingdom.  Richard has 40 years of experience in martial arts, he has built the Balintawak Europe Group slowly and methodically over the last 25 years with the help of his fellow instructors and students. Richard  is a professional coach making him one of only a handful of full time Balintawak instructors throughout the world today.

If you have any questions or comments about Balintawak or this website please feel free to contact us. 

Regards the International Balintawak Team



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